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Ruckmani Ramjee Convention Halls
Everything you need for your event
Ruckmani Hall
  • This is a Magnificial Hall with a Seating Capacity of 450 Comfortable Chairs
  • The Hall can hold another 500 Guests who can be as a Floating crowd.
  • You can conduct your Marriages comfortably with the required size of the Sturdy Aluminium Podium.
  • We have conducted Receptions and Wedding with 1200 guests in an evening.
  • This Hall is offered with a Dining Hall which is nicely decorated with fully Air Conditioned.
  • 150 of your Guests can have the feast at a given point of time.
  • If you wanted to have seated dining and buffet dinning to make your event more grandeur, we have another hall only for Buffet spread! You can hire that hall also to make your event bigger and for the ease of your clients.

Ideal for:
Marriages Receptions Corporate meetings Valaikaapu Baby shower Seemantham
Ramjee Hall
  • This is a Hall in which 250 Guests can be seated in Airconditioned atmosphere.
  • We have a Pre-Function Hall and a Small Dining Hall with A/C attached to this Ramjee Halls
  • Elderly people can have dining in a seated atmosphere where as the ablers can have Buffet at Pre-Function Hall.

  • Ideal for:
    Birthdays Seemantham Baby Shower Ayush Homam Naming Ceremonies Corporate meetings Arangetram Iyappa Pooja

Ramjee Hall 1 & 2
  • We can divide the entire Ramjee Hall into (1) & (2) with a seating capacity of 125 each with a Modern Room Divider.
Dining Hall
  • A spacious hall to tickle your taste buds.
  • The dining hall can easily accomodate 125 guest seated for banana leaf-lunch or dinner.
  • If you prefer buffet, the hall can easily accomodate 200 guests.
  • The hall includes:
    - LCD/LED TVs
    - Air Conditioner
    - Wash basins with high quality wash liquids

Ideal for:
Traditional Leaf Lunch Buffet
Hotel Rooms
  • We have a total of 13 smartly furnished rooms for your stay.
  • Every room includes:
    - Free Wi-Fi
    - LCD/LED TV with satellite channels
    - Air Conditioner
    - Attached toilet with 24 hrs hot water
  • A double soft mattress on a natural wooden frame; spacious for two.

Ideal for:
Guests attending events Corporate stay Casual short stay
  • We have one smartly furnished dormitory for your stay.
  • It includes:
    - Free Wi-Fi
    - LCD/LED TV with satellite channels
    - Air Conditioner
    - Attached toilet with 24 hrs hot water
  • Soft mattresses on a smart low steel frames ensure ease in positioning.
  • Five persons can be comfortably accommodated.

Ideal for:
Additional guests Casual team stay
  • We have a leveled parking facility to accomodate the vehicles you drive to your event.
  • Our friendly parking assistant staff will help you to park it right with ease.

Ideal for:
Two Wheelers Four Wheelers Mini Van Mini Bus
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